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"Expect this curriculum to challenge, excite, and ignite in you a burning desire to become problem solvers, innovators, and business disruptors."

About us

Medina Education thrives at creating an innovative, technology-driven global logistics that is project-based and career driven. This curriculum not only teaches our students logistics fundamentals and cutting-edge logistics technology but provides significant insight into the critical role and competitive advantage logistics plays in business. Its objective is to position students with the depth of knowledge and skills needed for a successful career in logistics. Our curriculum is industry-aligned and follows industry trends, innovation and need. We have 24 books that are currently used by over 500 students in eight school districts across Southern California. Expect our curriculum to challenge, excite and ignite a desire to become a problem solver, innovator, and business disruptor!

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Meet the team

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Jordan Medina

Editor in Chief

Jordan graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts in Scientific Illustration. Her hobbies are reading, knitting and hiking with family.

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Alexis Panameño

Co-curriculum Designer

Alexis aspires to become a pediatric doctor or physician assistant. Her hobbies are writing, baking and playing guitar.

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Bianca Medina

Co-curriculum Designer

Bianca is a community college counselor. Her hobbies are trying new restaurants, baking and reading new books.

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Christopher Rangel

Co-curriculum Designer

Christopher is an english teacher and tutor in Los Angeles. His hobby is cooking new recipes. 

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Ami Medina

Brand Strategist

Ami aspires to be part of a broadcasting team or become an editor for a women's magazine. Her hobbies are reading, sports videography and hanging out with friends.

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Naydelyn Cruz

Web Designer

Naydelyn aspires to become a full-time web designer. Her hobbies are spending quality time with loved ones, visiting gardens and going on long walks.

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