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Careers with medina edu

The First-Ever Amazon Logistics Pathway

The first-ever Amazon Logistics Pathway, at Cajon High School, embraces Leo Medina's Global Logistics curriculum to prepare youth for the careers of the 21st century!

"This pathway will become a national model" 

- Dr. Dill Marsden, San Bernardino County USD Superintendent


4 Reasons Every Student Should Study Global Logistics

  1. E-commerce is expected to become a 4.5 trillion-dollar industry in 2021. Online sales are unstoppable!

  2. Careers in Global Logistics are pandemic and recession-proof. Expect fast career advancement and job security.

  3. E-commerce is the new norm post-COVID.

  4. Your student deserves the absolute best career-driven curriculum!

Questions on how to get started?

Call/Text me: 323-493-0391

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