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College-Preparatory, Project-based, and CAREER-driven education

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Who trusts our curriculum?

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Monica gUARDIAN 

The Global Logistics Curriculum has made an unwavering and perpetual commitment to helping young minds achieve their academic and career goals. Employing a unique blend of creativity and dynamic learning experiences that are keen on understanding the latest industry and employment trends. The depth of knowledge found in this curriculum ensures its competitive advantage and meets workforce demands. The curriculum design team not only embodies expertise but also genuine empathy and a supportive environment that empowers young people to succeed.


USC ACE-IT Instructor

Advisor of Strategic Partnerships

"This pathway will become a national model" 

- Dr. Dale Marsden, San Bernardino City USD Superintendent

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The First-Ever Amazon Logistics Pathway

The first-ever Amazon Logistics Pathway, at Cajon High School, embraces Leo Medina's Global Logistics curriculum to prepare youth for the careers of the 21st century!

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Kalista Combs

Lead Amazon Global Logistics Teacher, 

Cajon High School

Real world learning in a book! Mr. Medina's Global Logistics curriculum was the perfect fit for the first and only program in the nation, Amazon Global Logistics and Business Management, course that I taught. Packed with projects that give guidance and are truly customizable based on one's artistic teaching style, it was the platform for teaching and learning. Interactive, engaging and allowed for simulated hands-on learning and project based learning. I will continue to recommend it!


Charles Luo

Logistics Teacher,

Murrieta Mesa High School 

Professor Medina’s Global Logistics curriculum is by far the best on the market. Well organized units with case studies, projects and thought pocking questions are designed to engage the students throughout lessons.  I highly recommend it to those using in high school, college or vocational training environment.


Juan carlos ochoa

Global Logistics Teacher,

Hilda Solis Learning Academy

As a new teacher with limited experience teaching in a classroom, the Global Logistics curriculum has been a tremendous help. Since the school where I teach does not have an induction program, this curriculum has been my guide during my first year as a teacher. It has a strong foundation, filled with 21st century learning strategies and implementations that I can build upon.


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